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Keep it off

Take control and uncover the person you’ve always wanted to be

Alevere therapy is different...

Alevere will get you out of that exhausting pattern of yo-yo-dieting, and give you a body you did not think was possible.

Once you are at your target weight we measure your individual metabolic rate with specialised medical equipment, then we tell you exactly what you can eat and how much, based on that specific measurement. We don’t just leave you to get on with it, we arrange monthly follow-up care.

And don’t forget that your new weight and body shape will also be a great motivator - you will love slipping into those clothes you could not have imagined wearing before.

Alevere Therapy transforms you in a way you just did not think was possible.

Post-treatment Follow Up

You will be invited to attend a follow-up, which we highly recommend. At these appointments, you will be weighed and any problems with weight maintenance will be discussed and dealt with at an early stage.

At these follow-up appointments, you will also have the opportunity to continue with body contouring treatments to stimulate further improvements in skin elasticity.